My experience with RubyKaigi 2019

Viết bởi Ông Già Coder EB vào 2019-09-19
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Hello, It’s Phát again, a software engineer at ShareWis. In this post, I’d like to share about my experience when attending RubyKaigi in Fukuoka, this year. Anyone who works with Ruby probably know that Ruby was created by Matz, widely used in Japan and then worldwide. Thanks to my company, ShareWis, as an Ed-tech startup, we have a learning encouragement culture, and so that my company has sponsored all the costs for their staffs to attend tech conferences as their willings. Before RubyKaigi, I’ve just attended a few tech conferences in Vietnam, and RubyConf Malaysia 2017. When joining ShareWis last year, I heard that the next RubyKaigi will be held on April 18 till April 20, 2019, in Fukuoka and will have chance to meet the creator of Ruby language, the language I’ve worked with for 5 years, I was really excited and can’t wait till the day it happened. For your information, RubyKaigi is the annual Ruby conference organized in Japan, one of the biggest conference in Ruby community, hundreds of Rubyist from all around the world gathered to spend 3 days expanding their knowledge and discussing future development path of the language.

Why You Should Attend a Technical Conference?

Why I think RubyKaigi is a good Technical Conference.

Besides, this was my first time in Fukuoka, as well. The city is really nice, I love it. Regarding to local food experience (my favorite things to do when traveling) I’ve tried motsunabe (a Japanese hot pot dish with beef tripe) and tonkotsu ramen. However, because the conference was hold whole-day long and I went back to Osaka and then Vietnam right after the 2nd day of the conference so I don’t have enough time to discover places in Fukuoka. I probably will come back here again.

Are you going to join RubyKaigi 2020, will be organized in Nagano, Japan? I hope we can meet up there.